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The (temporary) Merlion Hotel

Friday, March 18, 2011

We live nearby the Merlion statue@Marina Bay, so we often pass by there when we go for a walk.

First you encounter the mini-version, and behind that you find the XL-version of the statue.

Huh....where did it go?

Oh, it seems to be inside this construction!

Why is the Merlion wrapped up here? 
At the moment we have Singapore's third Biennale here.

One of the art-works/installations is 'the Merlion Hotel' by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi.

On this concept-drawing you can see the Merlion with a temporary luxury hotelroom built around it!

This picture with the room drawn around the Merlion gives you an idea....

A few days ago the Merlion Hotel opened its doors.

During the day it is open for visitors (for free!), and from 19.00 till 10.00 it is occupied by a hotelguest. The first night that was the artist himself.

The public could make a reservation for one night; price 150 sgd. The day that the reservations could be made, right away all nights were sold out.

There was also a contest in which you could win one night:

Winners of the I Should Stay at The Merlion Hotel contest
14 March 2011
Congratulations to Mdm Chang Tai and Mr John Lim* for winning the I Should Stay at The Merlion Hotel contest!

Some 240 applications were received from members of the public. Mdm Chang Tai, 63, a home-maker and Mr John Lim*, 31, a financial advisor enjoy a complimentary night’s stay at the hotel on 13 March and 15 May respectively.
In less than 100 words, Mdm Chang Tai recounted the many dates she and her husband enjoyed at the former Merlion Park before she accepted his marriage proposal with the Merlion as a witness. They celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in April and we wish them both many more happy years together!

Contest winner Mr and Mrs Ng at The Merlion Hotel after their check-in at The Merlion Hotel.
Mr John Lim* expressed his wish to propose to his girlfriend from another country at The Merlion Hotel. The Singapore Art Museum and the artist wish him every success.

The winners were picked by the organiser Singapore Art Museum in consultation with The Merlion Hotel artist Tatzu Nishi.

*Name changed to keep his proposal a surprise.


People queing; they are let in in small cohorts for an equally small timeslot (about 15 minutes).

Inside there actually is a small hotellobby with frontdesk and guestbook;-)

Inside the room it really feels like any other hotelroom...

I guess the wallpaper has been especially designed for the occasion; nice.

Yet...a giant statue in the middle of your room is not that common;-)

It is very unique to be able to stand 'face-to-face' with the head of the Merlion that normally is high up in the air.

The Merlion and the chandelier

That window leads to a small balcony. only accesible for the hotelguests that booked a night.

Bathroom with tub by Philippe Starck and in the tiles the name of the artist. Also only accesible for the paying guests, ofcourse.

Funny idea that guests can sit on their couch in the evening looking at tourists looking at them in the Merlion Hotel;-)

Hope you liked your virtual tour in this unique hotelroom and work of art. Did you have a chance to visit any other installations by Tatzu Nishi? Which one did you like best?

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