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Opening H&M in Singapore. Fashion frenzy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back home, in the Netherlands, H&M is one of my favourite shops.
So I was very happy to see H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) finally opening a store in Singapore.

Apparently I was not the only one;-).
The opening and the shop's first days were an absolute frenzy; crazy!

For weeks the swedish chain had been campaigning. Getting potential buyers all excited and luring them with gifts: the first 5 in line would receive a sgd 250 gift card and the first 300 would receive a sgd 20 gift card. (For the european readers: 125 euro and 10 euro.)

At 20.45 hrs the evening before the opening, already 15 persons had formed a line before the entrance and spent the night there! 

At the exact openingtime there were 1.500 people in line and waited even during a 40 minute rainfall!

As I learned over the past two years, if there is something new EVERYBODY wants to be there right away. So naturally I had no intention of going to H&M on their opening day. The day after, at the end of the afternoon, I was walking past the shop. Before arriving there I had considered popping in if it was not too busy. To check out what collection they were carrying in Singapore and wether they would have a European size 40.
As soon as I arrived near the shop my jaw fell to the ground. There was an endless queue with a bunch of queuing personel to coach all the potential shoppers. It must have taken at least two hours waiting before entering the shop. Maybe even more!

Needless to say that thus far I have not set foot in the H&M here yet;-). I'm in no hurry and will wait till the frenzy deminishes. I'd like my browsing in H&M to be quiet and cool!

Do you shop at H&M?

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