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Manila part 5: mind your own business!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The streets of Manila are aligned with small businesses. It's amazing and fascinating to see the hustle and bustle of all these mini-commerces.

Candies can be sold one by one. Not one package, no, one piece of candy only.
You can sell plastic bugs, like centipedes. Balloons, used magazines, mango on a stick, wigs for cosplay, Santa Claus and fake xmas trees, toy machineguns, you can fry food on the street and what not....

Here are some examples:

'Trainrides' through Rizal Park.

Horse carriage rides through Rizal Park

Blind man begging @ intersection

Arranging his plastic bugs. Selling them for what use? I heard they are used as toys.

"Please, take picture!".

Reading his own merchandise. Relaxed!

Mango on a stick

Fried food

"Please, take picture!".

Xmas deco. The frenzy has already begun, since Xmas is a big thing here.

I bought a fluo pink one, for only 2.50 euro. They are mainly bought for cosplay, the lady told me.

Xmas deco again.

Santa Claus on sale; 75 euro only;-)

You can also sell notary services on the street:

Need to have an official letter or document signed up? The lady with the typewriter can help you with that.

Or you can become an armed guard:

Guarding a bank. When I went into a bank to go to an ATM, after entering, the door was  barred from the inside with a wooden stick between the door handles.

Guarding a school.

Or become a garbageman:
Men, this garbage truck stank sooooo bad!!! All those garbage bags in this open truck, under the burning sun...groce! But the garbagemen were happy and wanted to be on a picture.

So this is what small commerce and what jobs in Manila looks like. Very lively!

I gave an impulse to the local economy, by buying 5 tops for myself, 5 Tshirts for Frits that turned out to be too small, 10 bracelets, 2 strings of xmaslights, 1 Maria with a light inside, 1 mermaid-magnet, 3 bottles of water, 2 bottles of nailpolish, 1 russian red MAC lipstick and numerous taxi-rides;-)

The next Manila blogpost, part 6, will be about murals in Manila.


  1. About the man selling bugs: it's not as exotic as I thought. They seem to be plastic and serve as toys, I am told;-)

  2. Great post. It makes me miss my home country- Philippines.


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